5 Productivity Hacks for September

Here are 5 productivity hacks for September.  Screenshots are taken from Windows 11.

  1. Clipboard History

You copy and paste all the time.  Control+V to paste from the clipboard only paste the very last thing you copied.  Try Windows+V! The first time, you will be asked to turn on Clipboard history.  Do that! Now, every time you copy, you build up a list of the things you can paste. Paste with Wnindows+V instead of Control+V, and you get to pick what you paste.

A screenshot of the Windows Clipboard tool

Clipboard settings are in the Settings app.  You can also choose to sync your clipboard across devices!

A screenshot of the Control Panel setting for the Clipboard

Read more about this at Get help with clipboard (microsoft.com)

  1. Emoji Keyboard

Press Windows+; and you will get the Emoji keyboard to pop up.  Then you can search for whatever emoji you need and add it to your text with just a click. 🤯

If you search for the paperclip emoji, you don’t find just any paperclip, you find Clippy!

A screenshot of the Emoji Keyboard tool showing a search for the paperclip emoji. Clippy the famous paperclip is found!
  1. Microsoft Word Tricks
    • Double-click to select a word.
    • Tripple-click selects an entire paragraph
  1. Microsoft Outlook Meeting Polls
    • Can’t wait for FindTime Meeting Polls to arrive as a native part of Outlook desktop? It’s already available as a free add-in.  Instructions on how to install it can be found at Install FindTime (microsoft.com)
  2. Get a good night sleep!  Your mind full of things when you lay down? Settle it down by listening to a Headspace sleepcast.  Some Headspace sleepcasts are available for free.