Appearances Elsewhere

You can find my latest Office 365 videos on YouTube at:

My older videos on Office 365 and Azure on Channel 9 are on Microsoft’s video portal at:

I also have some older videos about SharePoint and PowerShell at

All my slide decks from presentations I’ve done are on SlideShare.

In addition to blogging on my own site, I sometimes contribute guest posts to other blogs.

Here’s my post on the Microsoft Partner Blog:

  • Hybrid cloud solutions: a peaceful and profitable co-existence (no longer online)

I’ve also guest blogged on the Scripting Guys blog on TechNet.

You can also hear me on these podcasts:

I spoke at the July 21, 2020 meeting of the  Microsoft IT Pros – Australia user group about deploying OneDrive Sync. The recording is on YouTube.

Check them out!

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