Can AI help with MC Planner Task Assignment?

I asked one of my coworkers to read my previous blog post, Messge Center Triage is a Team Sport, and he (paraphrasing here) asked me, could AI help with that?

Probably! Viewed through the lense of machine learning, the problem of assigning the right stakeholder to a new Message Center Planner Task is very much one that machine learning can help with. The way machine learning works is that you train it on a data set where the answers are known. You then give it a data set where the answers are unknown and ask it to produce the answers.

Have you been manually assigning MC Planner tasks to stakeholders? Great! That’s your training dataset. Feed all those tasks with stakeholder assignments into the machine learning tool. Then feed it task from your incoming bucket, and ask it to predict the assignment!

If it gets it right, great! If not, correct the assignment and feed it in as training data.

So how do we build this? Is this Microsoft Syntex or is this Azure Machine Learning?

I’ll blog about this as I figure it out. If you have advice on this, share it in the comments below!