Azure and the Modern Datacenter – Slides and Videos

Here are all the slides and videos from the Azure and the Modern Datacenter conference on April 7, 2016.

Keynote: Why the Cloud will Change Your Life Brian Lewis Slides Video is below.
Azure Network Infrastructure Michael Blumenthal Slides Demo Videos thanks to Yung Chou:

Designing Azure Compute and Storage Infrastructure Bill Lee Slides Video is below.
Containers David Giard Slides Video is below.
Device Showcase Scott Sheehy Slides Video
Deployment with ARM templates and GIT Geremy Reiner Slides Video is below.
Hybrid IT Management Rishi Bhatia Slides Video is below.
Azure Site Recovery for protection and migration from on-premises Dan Rey Slides Video is below.
Designing Identity solutions with AAD Brice McDowell Slides Video is below.

Brian Lewis’s Keynote

Michael Blumenthal’s Azure Networking Session

Bill Lee’s Azure Compute and Storage Session

David Giard’s Containers Session

Scott Sheehy’s talk

Geremy Reiner’s ARM Templates Session

Rishi Bhatia’s Hybrid IT Management Session

Dan Rey’s Azure Site Recovery Session

Brice McDowell’s Azure Active Directory Identity Session