What, no WEEKNUM()?

I wanted to make a view that shows only the list items that had a date within the current week. I was figuring that I could do this by creating a calculated column for the week number and the year, then creating a view that would filter on the calculated WeekNum being equal to WeekNum([Today]). Except that when I tried creating the calculated column, I got the following error: “The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.” Since my formula was pretty simple, I have to assume the function is not supported. Anyone seen documentation on the formulas that are supported? I haven’t found this yet.

As a workaround, I created a view that shows items that have a date within the next 7 days. Not the same, but hopefully good enough for now. The filter clause is <date field you selected> “is less than” [Today]+7. Note that there are no spaces in “[Today]+7”.

For two weeks out – really 8-14 days out, I did something similar: greater than [Today]+7 and less than or equal to [Today]+14.