Quick Update on Changing AD Password for a MOSS extranet site

This is a follow up to my earlier post on creating a Change Password page on a MOSS farm that uses AD for the membership provider. Although I didn’t get the ASP.NET login control approach working, I did build a MOSS 2007 Application Page (again, thanks to Ted Pattison’s blog for an example – http://blog.tedpattison.net/Lists/Posts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=3) that lets you change your own AD password. I had written something similar for WSS 2.0, but this one has some interesting differences. For example:

  1. The old application sat in _layouts/changepassword/ on an SPS2003 box, and was its own asp.Net application with its own web.config. The new page sits in the same directory but considers itself part of SharePoint so it will look at MOSS’s own web.config. That’s not exactly ideal, as it could get modified by the next service pack, but it’s good enough for now.
  2. The old application did not leverage the CSS classes that MOSS provides, the new does.
  3. I made this one look more like part of MOSS. It uses the simple.master page and lays out fields more consistent with MOSS UI standards.

Although there are a few 3rd party AD password change web parts out there, if you engage myself or my colleagues for MOSS consulting for a project, we can rapidly build you one (either as a web part or an Application Page application) where you own the code.