Brand New Blog

I’m blogging again, but this time, not on SharePoint.  I’ve started a new blog, and it’s a WordPress blog.

Not SharePoint? Why!?!

Because I want my blog to look good on mobile devices.

My SharePoint blog is hosted by the good folks at  It’s based on a SharePoint 2010 blog site template, and even if I upgraded it to SharePoint 2013, it would still not be mobile friendly in the same way that this Responsive Design WordPress site is. It would be a hassle to get my SharePoint blog to look and act as nice as it does on my WordPress site.  SharePoint, although it is great for many things, is not as good a blogging platform as WordPress.  Being the Microsoft-aligned IT professional that I am, I am grateful however that I can use Windows Live Writer to write for either platform.

Here’s how both sites look on my Windows 8.1 Phone:
wp_ss_20141009_0001 wp_ss_20141009_0002


Which would YOU rather read on your phone?

This change in priorities, from  “I am a SharePoint Professional, so I should use SharePoint for my Blog”, to “I am an Business Technology Advisor, and I want to publish my content in a mobile-friendly way” is also representative of the next stage of my career.  I’ve spent the last decade working with SharePoint (since SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Beta) and will continue helping medium and large organizations solve business problems with SharePoint on premises.  But since the middle of this year, I am also responsible for PSC’s internal SharePoint intranet and extranet, leading our Microsoft Practice’s community involvement, and working with a client in the health insurance industry.  For my client in the health insurance industry, I’m co-leading a team that is helping this health insurance startup with a wide variety of their IT needs.  The scope of work is beyond collaboration and content management, and is fundamental to their business. It’s also all cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.  I’ll be writing more about that in a subsequent post.