PowerShell for Lunch

There’s a book out there called PowerShell in a Month of Lunches.  It’s by Don Jones and published by Manning Press.  Manning Press provides me with their books to give away at Chicago SharePoint Users Group meetings and other community events at which I talk, so I am biased toward their products.  In fact, their PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette was the first PowerShell book I read.

However, if you are too impatient or time constrained to spend a whole month of lunches learning PowerShell, I suggest you attend my Introduction to PowerShell at the Software Development Community’s November 2nd meeting.  It’s at 12:30 (Lunchtime!) on Sunday, November 2nd.  I’ll be raffling off at least one PowerShell book to those who attend. To find out more or register, go to the event’s page on Meetup.