A busy week at Microsoft Ignite 2016!

It’s just under two weeks until I arrive at the Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta Georgia.  I’m very excited to not just attend, but speak as well. I will be:

  • Presenting four theater sessions, see below.
  • Participating in a Community Spotlight Talk on Tueday, 9/27 at noon.
  • I’ll hold office hours at the MVP Lounge Thursday, 9/29, 4-5pm.  If you have questions about SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, or the Raspberry Pi, come on by! If you have questions about any other Microsoft technology, and I can’t answer it, I’ll help you find someone that can.Oops, the exhibit hall closed at 4pm on Thursday!
  • I’ll be co-organizing an Office 365 Adoption User Group Meetup at breakfast on Friday, 9/30,Update: My schedule changed and although I helped organize it, I was not able to attend it.
  • I’m planning to attend Joel Oleson’s blogger breakfast, same as last year.

Here are my four sessions:

  1. Tuesday, 9/27, 5:35pm – 5:55pm, Expo Theater 3: Get Started with Windows 10 IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi
    1. View Session Details & Add to Your Schedule
    2. Session Code THR2079
    3. Read about my adventures with creating a Pi Gizmo.
    4. Video preview:
    5. Discuss on TechCommunity.Microsoft.com
  2. Wednesday, 9/28, 12:40pm – 1:00pm, Expo Theater 2: Pick the right tool for Microsoft Office 365: what to use when
    1. View Session Details & Add to Your Schedule
    2. Session Code THR1029
    3. Video Preview:
    4. Video:
    5. Discuss on TechCommunity.Microsoft.com
  3. Wednesday, 9/28, 2:50pm – 3:10pm, Expo Theater 2: Master PowerShell Basics: Resources and Best Practices
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    2. Session Code THR2078
    3. Video Preview:
    4. Discuss on TechCommunity.Microsoft.com
  4. Thursday, 9/29, 2:10pm-2:30pm, MVP Hub Talk 1: Azure Networking Hubtalk: Connecting your Cloud, People, and Places
    1. View Session Details & Add to Your Schedule
    2. Session Code THR2077
    3. Video Preview
    4. Discuss on TechCommunity.Microsoft.com
    5. Update 9/30: I had to cancel this session due to a schedule change, however the concepts are covered in my Channel 9 video on the same topic.



Updated 9/15: Added Preview videos, Discussion links, details on O365 Adoption Meetup.

Updated 9/20: Added details about office hours in the MVP lounge.

Updated 9/22: Added session times and locations. All times Eastern.

Update 9/30: Post event corrections due to schedule changes.

One Reply to “A busy week at Microsoft Ignite 2016!”

  1. Super pleased to see how involved you are at Microsoft Ignite this year Michael! Looking forward to seeing you there – hopefully I’ll have time to drop by but may be running around floating between the Microsoft Tech Community Lounge and other areas.