Six Office 365 Change Management Resources

In the February 2017 Office 365 Adoption User Group (Chicago Chapter) meeting, Peter Walke from Microsoft presented on how to cope with Office 365 constantly changing.  Here are six resources he called out in particular.

  1. The Office 365 Roadmap.  The Roadmap tells you what’s coming soon, available now, and even some things that Microsoft decided not to do. The shortcut to the Roadmap is
    • Office Server and Services MVPs and Technical Account Managers at Microsoft get access to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) version of the roadmap that has a greater level of detail.
    • Tip: If you use US Gov as a search term, you can see which Roadmap items are specific to the Government Community Cloud (GCC).
  2. The Manage page on FastTrack –
  3. Office Blogs. This is where the Office 365 product teams post announcements.
  4. The Office 365 Admin Message Center.  Only Global Tenant Admins and Service Administrators have access to the message center.  If you are not in one of these roles but responsible for Office 365 in your organization, you may want to have a weekly meeting with someone who has access to the Message Center.
  5. The MSTC.  This is the Microsoft Technical Community.  The discussion forums are at and the community managers have a Twitter account at and on YouTube as well.
  6. The Admin Sway –