10 Can’t Miss O365 Tips Live from Microsoft Ignite 2019

It’s taken me a while to finally pull this together, but I’ve just posted this collection of Office 365 Tips to the Office 365 Adoption Users Group (Chicagoland Chapter)’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the list of tips:

  1. Sync your Teams library with OneDrive Sync for easier access to its files.
  2. Share conference learnings with your coworkers by posting them in a Teams channel.
  3. Protect Documents, Desktop, and Pictures folders with PC Folder Backup in OneDrive Sync.
  4. Keep Teams open all day long so you don’t miss messages.
  5. Filter for unreads and mentions in the Teams mobile app to focus on what needs your attention.
  6. Use Site Designs with Site Scripts to enable users to create branded SharePoint sites easily.
  7. Use rich formatting in your lists to make the list more engaging and easier to use.
  8. Use metadata with the files you store in SharePoint to save a lot of unnecessary typing.
  9. Use the search box in the header of Office desktop apps to find what you need.
  10. Use Power Automate (formerly known as Flow) to create an email enabled library.

Bonus Tip #11, curtesy of Anna Chu: In Outlook, create Search Folders to make it easy to access messages based on saved search criteria. Apologies to Anna that I had technical difficulties with her recording.

Thanks to all who shared their Office 365 tips with me!