I passed 70-630!

I just passed 70-630 this morning! I got a 947 out of 1000. J

70-630 is the certification exam for MOSS installation and Configuration.

I like using practice exams as the final part of my study efforts, but I found the Transcender practice exams disappointing. Usually, I’ve found them very good. This time though, the exam questions seemed like they had been written against a beta of MOSS and never updated. To be fair, I am using the Transcender client application that I downloaded some months ago. I can’t tell if there have been any updates. But I found a surprising number of questions to be inaccurate (e.g. references to “premium” rather than “enterprise” features, when referring to a specific CA link ) , and they all seemed to start with one of about three variations on the same pointless sentence “You have configured Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 in your company.” The actual exam didn’t waste time with this obvious statement. It kind of makes you think the exam writer was being paid by the word, or had to include it to make sure you weren’t thinking you were taking a WSS 3.0 exam…


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  1. Study Materials
    Although I was disappointed in them, I did use the Transcender practice exam extensively. I used that, a MOSS Virtual Machine that I have where I can work with the product, the exam’s info page at http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-630.mspx#EQD, Bill English’s MOSS Admin Companion book, and having worked with MOSS for over a year.
    Microsoft Learning also has a lot of online training materials you can try. Consider https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/offerDetail.aspx?offerPriceId=138242. (That’s the 5404 collection recommended by the exam prep page. ) I used a little bit of that and it looked pretty good.