Bound for ODC 2008!

I’m going to the 2008 Office Developer’s Conference!

I’m looking forward to the sessions about SharePoint of course and meeting the SharePoint MVPs that are presenting them. I’m also looking forward to meeting two of my coworkers from other offices.

Right now, I am in a plane for 4+ hours. However, I have a laptop, power from a 12V outlet, and a backlog of things to blog about.

Of course, I can’t use a laptop all the time, and for those times I brought a nice hefty book with me – none other than “Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0” by Ted Pattison and Daniel Larson. The odd thing about the book is that I had already used some of the code samples from the book (SharePoint application pages and running with elevated privileges) before I ever found the book. I picked up the book because it’s a recommended study material for the WSS 3.0 Development exam (70-541), which is the next certification exam I want to take. Because of that, I plan to read it cover to cover. Of course, I’ll probably skim some parts I already know, but even that stuff it’s good to read again as Ted and Daniel do a good job of presenting certain topics very clearly (e.g. their explanation of different customization and development methods and how some of those can be very hard to make into deployment packages…). Clarity of the explanation is very important since it’s not just for me to understand, but also for me to explain these things to my current client, since they are very new to SharePoint.

Since I believe I saw that Ted is presenting a session at this conference, I may even get the book autographed. No, I am not going to ask him to address it to eBay (there’s an episode of Futurama where Leela is autographic things because she has become a (n in) famous Blernsball player, and when she asks who she should address the autograph message to, the answer is “eBay”, and she remarks “That’s a very popular name.”[Ep Guide], [DVD]). It’s funnier when you watch it rather than me retelling it here.

The irritating thing about blogging on a plane is that I can’t web surf, so I can’t hyperlink things as I write…

Ok, time for me to move onto something with some technical detail levitra generika kaufen indien.